The truthful Recap

Part 2

29. April 2017

As I walked from my hotel back to Lifecoach’s mansion I wanted to convince me, that everything will be just fine after all the preparation yesterday. But my gut as well as the dark, foreboding sky seemed to tell a different story.

Early birds

In fact we should have started at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Day 2:
the show must go on (Literally)

THRONE of CARDS IV should have startet at 10 o’clock in the morning. The reason for this early kick-off should stay as confidental as our progress at that very time. My memory of these early hours seems blurred (probably a self-defense measure). I just remember that we never got around to do an official kick-off with everybody, because the players were told to arrive one by one, and that an early match ended in a totally different tournament format than we originally intended for the group stages.

Relativity wasn’t just a matter of time at that point and when we finally went online at about half past 11. I felt like being pushed into the pool near the caster area and just floated around without direction. But the casters started to warm up and at some point it was undeniable that we were live. At least until we weren’t again. And again I had to think about one special clown who is always talking about floating.

„We all faced the most terrifying horror of any eSport event: a blank screen with the word OFFLINE written on it.“

As we all faced the most terrifying horror of any eSport event: a blank screen with the word OFFLINE written on it, we stayed calm and brought the stream back online. At least until we wern’t again. This whole play even went on for another act. But somehow all that had to happen. Because after almost everyone had made their initial mistakes, we all knew that things are getting serious and we’d better toughen up.

While the production went though this reoccurring nightmare, i.e. dealing with unpluggings, little sound issues that finally resulted into total shutdowns, mixed up player cams and internet connection problems, the casters stayed calm and professional. So did the players. Which is why, even though some of us were praying for Pennywise to get us, we actually put some good content out there.

The good – the bad – and the production

Thanks to our professional casters and players, we actually put some good content out there.

In our first breaks we suddenly started to realize that. The fact that all the challengers were still in the game by that point, also helped us to get out of that slump. Slowly the joy for Hearthstone crawled back into me and I was not just waiting to switch scenes, start the commercial block or change scores. I started to enjoy the game again while watching it from that very special position; from this junction between hard working players, enertaining casters and curious audience members. Certainly a great place to be. It felt like operating a stage curtain. When it’s closed you see the different kinds of excitment on every side of it, but when you suddenly open it, all excitment merges together and the casters, players and audience experience it together.

The day also ended with some highlights of course. Two Austrian players Zeibinator and GameKing made it through the group stages, which left some pros a little upset. And Martin, Bernhard and I finally got to have a little meal together and loose all the tension from that exhausting day.

As the pool party started downstairs, I just grabbed me a beer and a shot of some kind and thought: I did enough floating today… now it’s your turn… see you on Sunday!“