Lifecoach Invitational


November 21st 2016

If someone had told me at the start of the year, that we are going to end 2016 with a big tournament at Lifecoach’s place involving some of Austria’s finest Hearthstone players, I would have called him a dreamer. I guess dreams do come true – and sometimes they are sponsored by Hi-Tech and their Gaming PCs.

It really has been an exciting year for the Viennese Hearthstone scene. We hosted our first ever Preliminary event, crowned a Nippon Nation champion at MuseumsQuartier and sent our Austrian Master to Jakarta to win the IeSF World Championships (which he did). Along the way we got to know many wonderful people in the Austrian eSports community.

So when Lifecoach approached us to gather Austria’s top players for a special tournament at his house, it felt like all is coming together perfectly. On November 12 he and his wife opened their doors for a day full of fun, excitement and tough competition. Thanks to our sponsor Hi-Tech Computer and the generosity of Adrian there was also serious cash on the line!

It quickly became apparent that SuperJJ would be the final boss to overcome. In the end however, it wasn’t meant to happen (this time). The German player, who is now also living in Vienna, won a decisive victory over Raysin and thus claimed the THRONE of CARDS for himself. But judging from the atmosphere we were all winners. On the couch people were chilling and playing. Hearthstone strategy was discussed in every corner and the casters had a blast commentating the whole thing for thousands of viewers. We even had a barbecue in the middle of November 😎

However, all of that was just the beginning! We all left Lifecoach’s mansion with one big idea: Let’s make Vienna a capital of Hearthstone. Will this dream come true as well?